Hello World!



At last I have arrived to start writing about the passions I have in my life. I identify myself as a transhumanist who believes in the technological re-evolution that is about to take place in my life time. How can we overcome death, change our thinking and in the same time change the way we perceive reality? When humanity overcomes the burden of death we elevate ourselves to the next phase of human history.

I hope to open up questions I have about humanity through the looking glass of transhumanism.



Philosophy is one part of my passion, but music has always held a big place in my heart. It runs in the family and today I’m producing music for several different bands. White Nightingale is the main project where I work as the producer and guitarist. Origami Boys is my second project where I’m the producer + keytarist. On top of these I work in interesting stuff and hopefully this will be my channel to tell the world about those.

Juha with White Nightingale @ Nosturi/Emergenza Festival

Photo by Kalle Kervinen photography


Juha Petteri Niemi



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