Sunny California


We’ll it has been silence after my initial post and there is good reason behind it. I got sick and was out of the picture for a couple of weeks, but as you can perhaps notice –> I’m back. And what a way to tell I’m back, because I’m in Santa Clara, California at the moment. I was participating at awe to check out some super cool new Augment and Virtual Reality technologies that are in the market or coming there.

My stay has given me a lot of topics to talk about. I’ve been staying at AirBnB places instead of the normal hotel accommodation, traveling U.S without a car with public transport and thinking about the future world that is just around the corner. I think one the key moments was seeing Zoltan Istvan giving his keynote at the expo. You’ll get more details about that when I write my AWE experience post later on.

So just wanted to give my sunny greetings from California and let you know I’m alive. I feel like this trip has given me a great starting point for the debate/discussion about transhumanism and how technology will evolve the human race. So you are more then welcome to join the discussion.

Raising awareness and talking to as many people from all around the world will enable us to find the best way, to use all this technology, to make our lives better.

Juha Petteri Niemi


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