Somebody is watching me – Vienna, Austria

Farewell Poland and of to Vienna, Austria we went. We were lucky to use a brand new highway from Lodz which was opened just 30 minutes before we left. Lucky us 🙂 

Drive was long and I have to thank the highways of Czech, as they were superb. Best roads I’ve seen during our trip and beautiful landscape. 

We arrived to Vienna really late and had some trouble finding our AirBnB place. Luckily the Austrian people are helpful and we found the right place. We were greeted by a dog + 2 cats as the host wasn’t there (this was communicated beforehand). In the morning I had a feeling like somebody is watching me and after opening my eyes –>

somebody is watching me.. turns out it was kitty🦁

With limited time before our next stop we made a decision for one palce to go sightseeing. We went Schönbrunn, as the apartment was quite close to it, and I took a royal picture of Anu on the stairs.

Now it’s time to head out to Ljubljana, Slovenia. More adventures coming 👍🏻


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