Ljubljana,Slovenia – Nuf said

Unknown territory for me – Slovenia

It was the first time during our trip that we entered a new country which neither of us had  visited. We didn’t know that much about Slovenia or what to expect, but boy o boy what a place we found. Landscape just blew me away and when we reached Ljubljana I fell in love with the architecture there. First we thought that it was vacation time in Slovenia, as there wasn’t much people roaming around, but after parking the car and walking to the dragon bridges –> We found them.

#Ljubljana w. @juha_petteri_niemi

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AirBnB – rocks again

As our trip was planned to enable us to be spontaneous, I’m just so happy about AirBnB for making it really easy. We found a really nice place near Ljubljana when we were still in Austria on the day before. I think this is one part of the beauty that you don’t need to plan everything. Big part of the AirBnB experience is of course the hosts and our AirBnB was really amazing and the host was very kind to us(+ her personal description is one of the best I’ve seen:D ). Petra, thanks so much for having us 🙂

Next stop – Croatia

So after Slovenia we will reach our target country which is Croatia. After driving 2200 kilometres in 5 days we will settle down and explore the beautiful country of Croatia. I’m really looking forward to seeing the crystal clear waters, mountains, nature of this awesome country. So off we go and let’s see what happens in Croatia.


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