Found my place – Jadranovo, Croatia

airbnb accommodation just wen’t off the scale

We have now reached our destination which is Croatia. Being spontaneous has it’s benefits, as it takes you to places where you couldn’t have imagined of being before. We found our AirBnB in Jadranovo and I must say that this place is the perfect one. Location is awesome, it’s near a small beach and on a quiet street with lots of other tourists from other countries (mainly German). Interior decoration is simple and efficient and suits especially my sophisticated Nordic taste, so Matthias great job on that 🙂 It’s also just a short drive from the island of Krk which was just amazing when we visited it today. I’m not religious, but there is a saying that suits this place quite nicely:” A piece of heaven on earth.”

Question of today

Sitting here on the balcony and writing this it makes you think that why in the hell do I live in Finland?

I love swimming and diving and the crystal clear waters here are just so awesome. Unfortunately there are rare places in Finland where you can find clear waters and usually the water is really cold.

Mountains, I love also these, as I come from a flat part of Finland. Nothing looks cooler then a sunset behind a mountain that casts shadows on the sky and earth.

Sunlight and warmth, well I guess this is something my Finnish friends can relate to and why so many of us travel to warm countries for holidays.

It might be because I’m on holiday, but my brains are always much more calmer when I’m in a warm country. There isn’t the case of having to hurry everywhere. During Finnish summer you usually want to be everywhere and do all the things, but is it because it’s so short? I guess here people have more time to enjoy the sun and warmth and hence don’t have the case of being in a hurry (except in traffic).

Time to enjoy

Now it’s time to enjoy Croatia with all it’s beauty and to do some mindfulness trainings. We found a place.


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