Back in business or did I even leave?

Vacation vs everyday

I must admit, that after my vacation, I’m really happy to be in the office again. Perhaps it’s my current position or I’m just going nuts, but my life is starting to feel like there is no need to separate it into different moods like:  “I’m at work, I’m at home, I’m doing my hobby etc.”

I’ve had a goal to reach a situation where my life would be without need to segment it and this is starting to feel pretty close to it. After the very successful roadtrip to Croatia I’m full of energy to continue writing the blog and especially about the important stuff

  1. Transhumanism – What does it mean for me? What are the philosophical questions around it? What can I do or what can we do to ensure a better place is born through Transhumanism? There is a lot of great ideas brewing, so stay posted.
  2. PES – People Economy System where people start exchanging more and more with other people through a digital platform ala Uber or AirBnB. There will be a lot of articles about this and my experiences. I believe PES will play a key part in the development of our near future.
  3. Music – I have great stuff also going on in my musical part and looking to do a lot of gigs from Autumn on with White Nightingale and of course blowing up the internet with Origami Boys.
  4. mFabrik – Work related projects and stories from the business side will play a key role so keep reading if you are interested in NFC, contactless payments, revenue growth and augmented reality. First bigger article will be about which is a website renovation we did before midsummer. A great project and I’ll share the the whole story behind it + what where the key elements for success.

But now as it’s a very beautiful day —> Go and hunt some POKEMONS

Dat moment when a wild #pokemon ball appears in real life #pokemonirl #paulig #sugar

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