7 day challenge – No news!

Communication distruption can mean only one thing..7 day challenge of no news!

As many of you noticed my first seven day challenge didn’t go as planned because of my fever. So not going to give up, but I have to try it out next week when I’m feeling better again. This weeks 7 day challenge is more on the mental side as I’m limiting myself from reading any news.

It’s actually quite hard because I enjoy reading several news sites in the morning when I take the bus to my work. Yle, HS, Iltasanomat, Ampparit are mostly consumed during my trip to know what’s cooking around the world. This week will be different as I’m denying myself from reading any of these sites.

I’m of course seeing topics in twitter, facebook and youtube what people are sharing, but not going to click any of those news. So here we go, 7 days without news has started.





Zoltan Istvan – Transhumanist Movement #transhumanism #zoltanistvan

Recollection from AWE 2016

I was watching a keynote at AWE.com this year and even though the whole expo is about virtual and augmented realities, I wasn’t sure if this one particular keynote was real or not? It wasn’t something that the presenter did with visual tricks to entertain the crowd, but more about the topics. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you Mr Zoltan Istvan.

Presidential candidate 2016 U.S

Let’s have a quick peek on the man before talking about the keynote.

Virtual and Augmented Realities will Become the Future of Politics

How many person do you hear talking about digital immortality, human 2.0, designer babies, AI’s with nuclear weapons, augmentations to make us super humans, robots in politics and the list goes on.

AI, robots in elections, digital immortality.. You know the usual..

Zoltan Istvan makes all of this sound like something we could be discussing in a family dinner and when you think about these topics, why can’t these be just normal topics? For me the whole keynote was just mind-blowing to hear a presidential candidate in 2016 (Yes, he is a candidate in U.S this year) talk about topics that the other candidates wouldn’t even dare to touch.
“Big question is that why aren’t more people talking about these things on a political level? They are not something that you can only find in a science fiction novel, but a reality on our doorstep!”
2016-06-01 14.02.27-2

politics to ensure we create new ways

Our political systems rely heavily on sustaining the legacy which has been created a long time ago. Transhumanism holds key elements which aim to create a new ways for us to live and prosper.

Why die when you can live forever? Why limit your capabilities when they can be augmented? Why not take the evolution of mankind to our own hands?

Words of a mad scientist? Nope, these are the words of someone who supports people like Zoltan Istvan, –> me.

What’s your thought about Transhumanism? Let me hear your comments and thoughts to begin the debate around this topic.