I lost my virginity today! #yoga


I didn’t sleep that well last night, as I think my body is still in some hyperactive mode after SOPP last week. I’ll write more about that during this week, but now let’s get to the actual topic.

yep, it happened at last…

I lost my yoga virginity today and what a way to lose it. I booked my first yoga session today in the beautiful sauna/restaraunt called Löyly where my good friend Mesimarja has had yoga sessions  during the summer.

Weather didn’t look that promising upon arriving to Löyly (we were doing the session on the open terrace), but somehow during the session sun started shining (we were just doing sun salutation).

Mesimarja was very professional and guided the whole group very nicely. There was a variety of different people (young, old, beginners, pregnant and etc) and she was able to make the whole session suitable for everyone 🙂

So all you yoga lovers —> Go and check it out if you can still squeeze in to one of Mesimarjas yoga sessions @Löyly.. But don’t worry if you can’t make it as she does have also sessions in other places.

Mesimarjas facebook page for you to like 🙂


how did you lose your yoga virginity?

Thanks for reading and let me know in the comment section how your first yoga session went 🙂




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