Lunch with Greek Jesus? #elgreco

Greek jesus?

Sometimes in your life you encounter people that just match with you instantly. I started emailing with Alexander “Allu” Patouchas already earlier in the spring and somehow from the beginning I had a feeling that this guy I need to meet. Alexander lives in San Francisco so setting up a meeting wasn’t that easy.

Schedule a meeting?

Time passed and we even managed to miss our chance to meet when I flew to San Francisco and Allu of course flew to Helsinki at the same time. Reading Allus blog/comments I started realising that he has the same kind of mindset and we really need to see.

2016-08-03 22.08.26

Brother from another mother??

We had a quick chance to meet at our friends wedding, but we didn’t sit down yet for the chat to come.

Time passed again and I went to Croatia on a roadtrip and Allu flew to Greece as his fathers side is from Greece. But now at last we had our lunch at his fathers restaurant El Greco. It’s funny because I composed music for a feature video El Greco has on their facebook page.

Lunch was excellent(be sure to check it out, as the mood and food was super good) and we found right away this Greek kind of philosophy mindset for our conversation.

Change your thinking

I guess there is time and a place for everything and let’s see where we go from here. I’ve been looking for a person who could be my sparring partner for mindsets and thoughts.

I think I just found that person. So watch out world, we will change the way you think 🙂

Who is the last person you met where you knew right away that you want to know more about?

Thanks for reading and give your comments who has been your last person that you just need to know better 🙂

With Greek regards,



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