No alcohol and no pictures! #musicfestivals

FLOW festival ❤

I went to FLOW festival yesterday, as it’s an yearly tradition already. FLOW festival in Helsinki is one of the best festivals I know because of the atmosphere and great artists. During the years I’ve seen a lot of my favourite artists that just haven’t been to any other festival in Finland. Nile Rogers (last year I had the privilege to dance on the main stage while Nile and Chic played), Belle & Sebastian, Pet Shop Boys and many others.

Pics or didn’t happen?

Experiencing music has changed a lot during the 10 years. Especially after people got their smart phones with good quality cameras. I usually take a lot of pictures when I go somewhere and like to share them also, but yesterday was different. I didn’t take any pictures + I was sober the whole time.

I started to think about that are you concentrating to the music itself if you are taking pictures/videos all the time? Would your memory be a better place to store these instead of Instagram? I must admit that the experience was quite different and I’m not sure for good or bad. Perhaps that’s why I’m writing this to clarify these feelings.

It somehow feels strange not have any pictures to share from yesterday and still if I think about it –> I don’t have any obligations to share anything right? It’s an interesting place to stop to think about how we act and behave automatically. Doing something differently actually makes you observe yourself and that’s always a good thing.

ocsober festival

After a busy week at the office I must admit that I was tense and I found it hard trying to get in to the mood. Beer or two would’ve helped, but somehow I just couldn’t find the inspiration to drink, so I made a decision to try it out the sober way. How do you perceive the festival when you are sober? Does music sound better when you are sober? Can you get in to the wild mood of other people who have been enjoying a couple of wines or beers? Can music liberate you when it’s blasted live with big amplifiers?

Answer from my perspective is yes and no..

The yes part is that it takes more time for you to get into the mood and for example yesterday Massive Attack was able to do that. Their performance was great and took me back to the days when I listened to them. Visuals and the music was something that hypnotised me. After standing the whole gig my back was just killing me and had to leave.

The no part is that you get more easily annoyed of people behaving just wild and crazy. I wouldn’t mind if I had a couple of beers if people did the mess around, but being sober you get bored of people pushing you constantly and that distracts you from the actual music. As mentioned in the yes chapter that my back was killing my –> I’m willing to bet that after a couple of beers this wouldn’t have been a problem.

What’s your opinion?

Today is a new day and let’s see which approach I’ll take today. If you see my instagram flooded with pictures don’t be surprised 😀

What’s your opinion? Does enjoying in a festival require you to drink to enjoy the music more freely? Are memories better then pictures?

Looking forward to your reflections on this topic and thanks again for reading 🙂



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