Day 2 – 7 day challenge – Early jogging each morning


Had my alarm clock 6.00 with Portishead – Roads soothing me in to this great morning. I must admit that when the alarm went off I was expecting to wake up, knowing I can now go running. I spent 30 minutes still in bed slowly waking up and gave me a great start for the day.


  • Better sleep: I’m using a Huawei Talkband B2 and it gives me a pretty good picture of my activity and sleep. According to the metrics I’m getting 2 hours of deep sleep now. My average has been between 1 h – 1,5 h of deep sleep usually.
  • Longer days: Day felt longer yesterday when I woke up so early. I went to bed around 23.00 and was able to accomplish a lot of things without feeling tired. Combined with my MIT list it’s giving me the sensation of doing the things that I should and making me feel accomplished.
  • MIT: Most Important Things to do is something I’ve started doing also from last week on. I come up with 3 important things during the day to ensure I know where to focus and what to accomplish during the day.

So looking forward to the rest of the day and I think this might become a good habit to do 🙂


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