Day 3 – 7 day challenge – Early jogging each morning

Troubles waking up

So I’m on my day 3 of the 7 day challenge and today I had troubles waking up. I went to bed later then usual and I can see the effect right away. I was able to wake up on the first two days at 6.30, but today I was out and running around 7.00.

Looking at my Huawei Talkband B2 app I can definitely see that the amount of deep sleep was lower last night.

Amount of deep sleep:

  • 1 Day – 1 h 56 min
  • 2 Day – 2 h 4 min
  • 3 Day – 1 h 35 min

Even though I didn’t get up as early as I did the past two days –> It felt good to run in the morning. Weather was quite chilly, but the air was super fresh and my knees weren’t hurting that bad. I’ve been using MSM as a supplementary during this experiment and hoping that this has the effect towards my knees.


  • Less sleep –> Harder to wake up.. Didn’t surprise me.
  • MSM and knees –> Thinking these might have the positive effect that my knees don’t hurt
  • Fresh air – Fresh air is just something that fires up your day, so suck it up people.

4 Days to go and let’s see if this will continue 🙂



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