Went to the hospital today – Because of EARS #earshelsinki

Challenged accepted, but failed 😦

My seven day challenge of jogging was crashed in the morning when I woke up with the feeling of having fever. This was easily fixed by sipping a bit of whiskey which warmed up my body.

EARS Helsinki❤️ @ears.asia #earshelsinki #creativepeople #asiamarket #helsinki

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Straight to the hospital

I went directly to Marian sairaala (Maria hospital) which has been transformed as a startup area with new companies pouring in. Reason for me arriving here today is EARS Helsinki which is about Asia markets and how to understand and breach them better.

“My interest was especially Slush Music and Korean music scene. “

A great day all in all and awesome keynotes where I can now understand the Asia market better. After listening to this Korean guy –> I’m ready to move there as according to him there are no problems in organising events and concerts.. How about that Finland?





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