7 Day challenge – Scarface #nosugar

you don’t fool me – click baits

One 7 day challenge has gone and last week was really great without me reading a single news article. I must admit that there might have been something magic about it, as I was very productive during the whole week. I was on a business trip which went really nicely + I composed 5 new songs during the weekend? I’m thinking that, as I’m not spending that much time worrying or getting annoyed by things I have little effect –> I’m concentrating on the things that matter to me and can have an impact. Perhaps if news lured you to read the articles with really interesting topics, instead of the usual Click Baits –> I think I would be reading more of those.

In Finland I’d give Klikinsäästäjä an award as they are saving us all from click bait topics and usually with one sentence explaining the whole article.

I have continued the no news also during this week and looks like I might have found a habit.

Cocaine is a hell of a drug, but so is sugar


There is a lot of research going on about the effects of sugar on our brain and it seems sugar has similar results when doing drugs. Even when you think of sugar it does look like cocaine with white colour and powder like substance.

I’ve thought about this for a long time that it would be awesome to test out how my brain and body reacts to the removal of sugar from my diet. Problem is that a lot of foods contain hidden sugars that make it quite difficult and more research is needed to fully understand what kind of sugars are out there. Is there good and bad sugars? How about fruits that contain naturally sugars, are they bad also for us?

This will be my this weeks challenge to see wether I can cut out a big portion of sugar from my life and what is the impact on my life by doing so.

scarface challenge activated

Thanks again for reading this and for your support ❤

If you have any hints that you can share with me about good articles about sugar, please let me know in the comments.


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