7 Day challenge – Mindful of Google #searchinsideyourself

Last week left me scarred

So you ask me how my Scarface challenge went?? Well, it was harder then expected and quite funny that during the same week NY Times posted an article how the sugar industry tilted the health conversation to fat. Usually when you are directing a conversation to blame somebody else –> You are guilty. And now I’m being guilty of directing this post to talk about sugar industry instead of how my challenge went. This one was tricky, as the whole quitting sugar, is a much broader topic then just quitting candy or skipping dessert. There is sugar in my ketchup, in my pasta etc. so where to start? My plan is to cut down all candy, dessert, sweets and int those you can right away pinpoint that —>  yes this has sugar in it. Next I’ll target the hidden ones that can be found in your daily food, but you don’t just see them as clearly as you do in the list above.

So I can’t say that during one week I was able remove sugar from my life completely, but I think it’s a good start to become aware of what you eat. So I’m adapting this one as a habit to avoid unnecessary sugar.

What’s up for this week? A mind full of GooglenessKuvahaun tulos haulle search inside yourself




A good friend of mine borrowed me this book called Search Inside Yourself by Google engineer Chade-Meng Tan, as we were talking about mindfulness. I’ve been reading this book from the beginning of the summer and did an 7 day practise of it and the beginning was promising.. But then came summer vacations etc and I forgot the whole book + taking my daily 10 minutes of awareness. I started reading it again and I feel that now is the right time to give it a proper chance.  Now that I’m altering my behaviour radically with these challenges it has better potential to become a habit.

So this week my challenge is to spend 10 minutes each day in mindfulness sessions. 10 minutes might not sound that long, but trust me when you want to bring awareness to just being —> 10 minutes can seem to be a small eternity.

So to the eternity and above it’s time to search inside yourself and I’ll have my 10 minutes of Juha time.



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