Virtual man pt 2 – Tero Pänkäläinen #teropänkäläinen #virtualreality #deeptale

Who will benefit from the Virtual Reality first?

Tero:” I believe it will be the gaming community who will enjoy the first wave of VR. We have Oculus Rift, HTC Vice, Playstation VR etc and their main focus will be in VR gaming. It’s a logical step to bring it to the general public and eventually Microsoft Hololens and other solutions will make the leap of VR stepping in to our business world.”

Last week one of worlds biggest elevator manufacturers thyssenkrupp informed that they will be providing Microsoft Hololenses to their technicians.

What if we are already in an VR simulation?

Juha:”If VR becomes, as immersive as our own world, at some point –> How can we learn to distinguish the real world vs the virtual one? What if that happened already?”

Tero:”I’ve been reading about the debate that for example Elon Musk is saying that we might be living in an simulation already. I try not to think about it too much and just live and embrace this moment wether it’s a simulation or not.”

Internet as a virtual reality experience?

Juha:” Are we going to see the internet, as a virtual experience ,at some point? I have this image in my head where you could walk on a street of the world wide web and do virtual shopping and where you get real stuff delivered then according to your virtual shopping tour? ”

Tero:”At the moment we have virtual rooms where random people can meet up. They are quite separated from actual business yet, but it gives you the idea how VR can transfer our way of making business.

Why is Facebook investing a lot of money to VR?

Tero:”I’ve been thinking about this matter also and the only logical reason is that they see VR as the next level to social media and communication. You have already a huge portion of mankind in your service + all businesses, so perhaps their plan is to link all of this into a VR experience what were talking about before. A virtual experience where you meet your friends, shop, comment etc in a virtual replicant of our own world.

We discussed also earlier about the impact of VR on our brains and with VR we have a completely new way of impacting peoples emotions. Perhaps through VR we can also measure how human emotions work by measuring how our eyes react to different experiences. Does this advertisement make you cry, happy etc and that can guide to more emotionally powerful advertisement/experiences/entertainment ”

What are the PRO’s and Con’s in your opinion of Virtual Reality?

PRO – how can VR impact our lives in a positive way?

  1. ENJOY – People make a lot of their decisions based on feelings and AR/VR can tap in to these much easier then traditional formats
  2. MONEY – You can experience more with less cost. Travelling is a great example where you could be going on a trip each day with minimal cost – MONEY
  3. MEDICAL – Social aspects and cures for treating phobias . AR/VR holds the key for an easy tryout and with no risk

CONS – what are the downsides of vr?

  1. PRESENCE – Can VR be a technology that comes, so immersive that you don’t want to be present anymore in the real world? In the sense humans do seem to have a natural habit to always dwell in to something fictive from time to time. We have books, movies, music etc, which take us somewhere else, so I see VR as one addition to that list which people use for escaping reality from time to time. You can ask already from yourself and with your smartphone, that are you mentally present all the time?
  2. EMOTIONS – We will bring the experiences much closer to human compared to tv or your computer screen. So all experiences will be much stronger and will have an bigger impact to us. You can see it as a pro and a con.
  3. ESCAPE GOAT – Let’s see if there will be a similar kind of debate, as there was in the 90’s with slasher movies/computer games, where they were blamed these medias murders and etc.


Juha: Virtual reality holds a lot of potential to transform our daily lives in our work and in our free time. Technology can be used for good and bad and it will be interesting to see where we will see our first big breakthrough. Gaming industry is on the forefront of AR/VR and hopefully during this year we will start seeing more and more killer apps for VR. VR has been trying to reach us multiple times, but is this the time where it makes a foothold?

If I think about recent AR hit Pokemon Go –> A lot of the media focus has been about deaths, car accidents etc, that the game has caused. That’s why I’m a afraid that, people are unable to see the real positive sides ,where people are more active alone and spend time with their families.

I’m voting that VR will have a positive impact towards our lives and it can create wealth and prosperity. We can experience more with cost efficiency, which I think is really essential these days. I believe that all business are trying to find what’s the right solution for their industry –> Is it VR,AR, Mixed reality or something else? That’s why we need people like Tero, to tell us what are the news from the world and what these technologies really mean.

What’s your thoughts? Did this give you more insight to what VR will bring to our lives? Please share this article if you feel you have learned something valuable.

Next stop will be about Augmented Reality 🙂

Thanks for reading and special thanks to Tero Pänkäläinen 🙂

Greetings from Berlin 🙂



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