7 Day challenge – Don’t look back in anger #retrospective

don’t look back in anger!

I spent the last week looking on the challenges I’ve done so far and did they have any impact  on me. What has stayed with me and have I forgotten something, adjusted my life to suite the challenged?


I see mindfulness as something that can be a really great way to relax and bring your attention back to the present moment. Especially for me who has crazy ideas flying all the time –> it would be good to have a short moment each day where I bring the focus back. I find my inner peace when playing a game, as I focus 100% towards that, but I guess according to the laws of mindfulness –> Stimulating your brain isn’t the way to inner peace.

I was able to do it for one week, but after that I just noticed that I had forgot to do it. It’s hard to say why, but I guess it’s related to the fact that I can’t find a suitable time to do it. There is an old saying that if  you don’t have time to meditate for 15 minutes —>  you should mediate for 4 hours 😀 I guess it’s just a lame excuse that I can’t find time when it’s more about motivation to just sit still for 15 minutes. It’s uncomfortable, but I guess that’s exactly the reason why I should learn it.

Jogging – ARGH, restard needed

This one is the hardest one as I hate waking up early + having a shower in the morning. Last time I got sick and had to quit the challenge too early, so I need to do a proper reboot for it. Perhaps these could be combined somehow that after running for 15 minutes –> It could be followed with a 15 minutes mindfulness moment? Right away in the morning? Hmmm. That might do the trick?

“Any specialists there who could confirm if this is a good idea?”


No news! – adapted

This experiment was a succesful one and I have been able to avoid reading crappy news articles that have no meaning. I started out by excluding all news for two weeks, but now I’ve slowly been able to read some articles that have scientific, social, medical value. I choose my sources much carefully and it’s funny to observe how my brain and fingers still try to type down the same old addresses I used to browse. I need to hand out my apology to click baits as you are not any longer succesful of luring me to read your articles.

I do feel more positive without spending a huge amount of time reading about what’s happening around the world. I think the trick here is to find the middle ground as I can’t just exclude myself from the news and what’s going on in the world. I think reducing your digest of unnecessary news that have no real value, is an step forward.

Any good tips that you’d like to share? Quit reading news, read some, digest everything like a quick meal at McDonalds?

No sugar – white powder got me after 3 weeks

I was feeling good about myself.. I cut down all added sugars for 3 whole weeks, but that was ruined last weekend. I’m not going to blame myself too much, but I did have a huge headache on Monday after eating icecream. I’m not sure if it’s related, but I have a big hunch there is a correlation. I’m flying back from Berlin now and I’ll kickstart this again as I do feel there were positive effects in cutting down added sugar. It’s quite hard to live without getting sugar from different foods these days, but it’s a start at least when you become aware and cut down those portions which you obviously don’t need.

results are – ok!

I guess you can call this one month experiment already a pretty decent one as I did learn a lot about myself. This retrospective is an essential part of the learning path and also to be persistent on rebooting some of the challenges and not just giving up even though I wasn’t that succesful. I’ll try to combine the jogging and mindfulness as one exercise. Sugar will not have a similar place as it has had and I’m quite happy that I can stay away from it.

Me got #swag #nufsaid

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What’s next after this week? 50€ challenge

Next week I’ll be cutting down my spending and living on just 50€ for the whole week. It might sound a lot to some people, but this is for me a stepping stone to become more aware of my spending. I guess I need to plan my week much more carefully to achieve this goal.

Thanks for reading and your comments : ) Let me know if you have interesting challenges that I could try out.




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