What a ride! #Berlin #AWE2016 #holowall #cwt360 #origamiboys #selfiewall

It’s been a while…..

My sincere apologies for my lazy activity here in my blog, but I promise that I have good reasons for it. Hopefully you have been following my Twitter and Instagram feed where I’ve been posting at least snapshots of what’s going on.

There is a lot of things going on and a big announcement will be revealed later on this week, but it’s a dream come true for me and I’m super excited about it. I need to hold my horses still for a while, until it’s official, so hang with me.

3 big news from the music field:

  1. New song coming out from Origami Boys 6.11.2016 called Origami All Over U. It’s going to kickass and bring us back to summertime ❤
  2. International collaboration starting with Origami Boys and more information will be revealed about this soon. This is just something so epic. More info coming during the next months about this and our road to Tokyo is again closer.
  3. This is a point I can’t reveal yet, but it’s something I started dreaming around one year ago and this week it becomes a reality. I’ll tell you when it’s official, but story is that keep dreaming and aiming for your dreams –> They do come true.

AWE Berlin

I managed to visit also AWE in Berlin this year and boy was that awesome. Met a lot of cool people around the world and had the chance to speak to Bruce Sterling. If you speak Cyberpunk –> you’ll know Bruce Sterling.

Bruce Sterling

SelfieWall @awe

great moments with awesome people


We did a cool HoloWall Augmented Reality trial at an event which took place at the Clarion Hotel 24.10.2016.  Now this is a great way to spice up your presentations by bringing augmented reality into your presentations. Check out the instagram video. You can find more information about original product from our website –> http://mfabrik.com/selfiewall/


Whoooo.. I guess that’s the main points of what’s cooking, but as said I’m just changing gear for the next level —> BE READY



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