Origami Boys – Origami All Over You #Makekaraokegreatagain

This post will be plain and simple – Origami Boys – Origami All Over You

Join the movement – #Makekaraokegreatagain

We, the Origami Boys will:

The Origami Boys have heard the cries and pleads of our Origami Warriors! We have received your text messages at 03:00 in the morning sent in a Sake-induced state. We know they were ment for your ex-girlfriend Asuka, but by the mysterious ways of the universe, ended up in our Origami hotline phone and it is our duty to respond:

“Dear Steve, we (Andi and Johni) still love and miss you too, but could you stop calling us “Asuka” and sending us nudes? We care about your personality too, you know – Arigato! We would much appreciate that.”

For all you lonely souls out there (this means you, Steve) and all you funky Ninja Lovers, we’ve created this karaoke themed lyrics video! And the best part is: YOU DON’T HAVE TO SING ALONE!

Grab your mike (no relation to Steve), hairbrush, showerhead or your pet mouse Hasselhoff (the closest thing to a woman in Steve’s life anymore) and sing your heart out along side Andi from the Origami Boys!

Be a part of the movement: MAKE KARAOKE GREAT AGAIN! So what are you voting for! (we mean “waiting for!”) Put your spandexes and your sexy shades on and break it down like the Soviet Union in 1991! Lay down and feel the radiation of: Origami All Over You!

Arigato for sharing the love & subscribing!

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO_u…
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/origamiboys…
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/origamiboys
Twitter – https://twitter.com/OrigamiBoys/
Web – https://origamiboys.com/

Song by Origami Boys
Produced by Origami Boys
Mixed by Origami Boys
All music made by Origami Boys in Origamiboys Studios/Helsinki

Video Production – Mikko Oskari Lehtonen
Professional Karaoke Dance: Emma Hynnä
Directing, Additional Cinematography & Editing – Mikko Oskari Lehtonen


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