Transhuman Finland – THF #transhumanism #connectingpeople

Transhuman Finland – New association

“How much can you replace from your body before you can stop calling yourself a human?” – Juha Petteri Niemi

This autumn seems to be full of exciting news and I had a chat with the great Mr. Mikko J. Kemppe on Transhumanism. Transhumanism is a movement that started resonating with me several years ago and I would say that last summer was the kickoff for me to go public with it. I had the privilege to listen to Mr. Zoltan Istvan back in Santa Clara and after the speech I knew that I had found my place.

Biohacking center Finland – Inteview by Mikko Kemppe

THF coming up

Now that this video is out I can make it official that during this month I’ll be launching the new THF association here in Finland. THF equals for the new Transhumanist Finland which will be driving forward the positive merging of technology and humans here in Finland. If you are interested in joining and making advancements in the tech field, have a technology that enables positive effects in the human life –> Let me know as our new association aims to connect people with the will and tech with the people/customers in need of this.

Big hand for Mikko J. Kemppe for making this video real and also being the great person he is. He is a true inspiration always when I meet him and I recommend listening to him. He has his own secret stuff coming up just around the corner which can be found –>

I have a strong belief that we will talk more in the coming months, but I think this is pretty good starter for the deep topics we covered here.

More about THF association coming up later this month when all the paper work has been processed 🙂


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