Biohacker Summit Helsinki 18.11.2016 #bhsummit #biohacking #transhumanism

Helsinki, Suvilahti @Kattilahalli – Biohacker Summit 2016

I had the privilege to visit the Biohacker Summit 2016 in Helsinki this year on 18.11.2016. In case you are wondering what biohacking is, I’ll paste a short description here from

“Optimising performance, wellbeing and health through nutrition, technology and science.”

The reason why I’m interested in biohacking is because it has a lot of connections to my thoughts about Transhumanism. My view of life is more on the technological future of mankind, but this day was a great way to broaden my view and to understand, that technology is not the only way to achieve Human 2.0.

“My biggest fear is becoming blind to the technology and thinking that it’s the only way to achieve Human 2.0

Human 2.0

Transhumanistic approach for upgrading ourselves, is for example through merging humanity with technology.

  • Surrogate bodies – Creating a synthetic body that can be replaced each time it wears down
  • Digital immortality – Living forever by digitally uploading ourselves to virtual network that can interact with the physical one
  • Augmented humanity – Merging ourselves with technology, so that it can boost our capabilities with chips, cybernetic body parts and etc.

After listening to the keynotes (Ben Greenfield for example)in the Biohacker Summit:”I learned a lot about the computer, we know more commonly as the human body.

We can boost it’s performance with simple life hacks, that don’t require any kind of technology. For example:

  • A simple exercise can get your body all fired up
  • Organic and natural supplements that create a bridge towards wellbeing.

Nature, our greatest programmer, is constantly evolving our environment and humanity to adapt in to the hostile world we live in. And yes, we do live in a hostile environment and the unfortunate matter is, that our bodies are quite fragile to the turmoils of what we face each day.

By looking at the talks from my transhumanistic view –> I see that biohacking isn’t that different from transhumanism. Goal of optimizing perfomance, wellbeing and health are related to the thoughts I have. Biohacker’s embrace of technology is also a common ground where our motives and objectives meet. In my opinion, technology is a crucial part of biohacking, because you must be able to scientifically prove that the methods truly work.

“I feel great” needs actual data behind it. Relying barely on your experience and feelings can misguide people to harm their bodies. Similar approach must be applied to transhumanism.

Juha Petteri Niemi

Merging of man and machine

Merging of human and machine is not a simple task yet, as the body tends to reject the robotic parts. I’m pretty sure that soon we will have the ability to tap in to the brain and our body through a computer interface, just as we interact with our computers and cell phones at the moment.

You really start to think about our world and how it’s developing in faster pace. Was life better when it was more simple? Were we much more aware of the world and ourselves, when we didn’t have all this technology around us?

We started genetically modifying our world already a long time ago, when farming began or when we domesticated our loyal companion the dog. Our ways have developed from those days and we are now in a world where we modify genetically our crops, animals and eventually us humans.

If all this helps us to defeat deceases, survive changing climate and ultimately make us compatible with interstellar travel –> Are these methods justified?

Climate change – what’s this doing here?

Latest reports indicate that 2016 was the hottest in the recorded history. This week there were reports that North Pole is undergoing it’s hottest period ever and having 20 degrees warmer climate then usually. Our world is changing rapidly, compared to the normal evolution, where changes undergo through thousands or even millions of years.

We will need everything we can get, to help us out in the fight for survival in the coming years. My question here is that can biohacking hold one way, how us humans can adapt much faster to the changes. Or will the answer be from the transhumanistic approach, where we genetically modify our bodies to withstand a new world?

What is your opionion: “Is the transhumanistic approach unethical and defies the morals of what is means to be human? What if it holds the key to our survival as a species?”

We will be facing a time, during our lifetime, when humanity takes the final step and we take evolution into our own hands. We will decide where we guide evolutionary development, by making the choices ourselves. Sounds crazy? Perhaps humanity isn’t mature enough at the moment  to make these kind of choices? I believe we are getting smarter all the time and hopefully at some point we are enlightened enough to guide our own development. This will require heavy modification to our society, belief systems and morals to ensure we can be who we want to be.

Big thanks and hopefully we’ll meet again

I’d like to thank the organisers of biohacking Summit for the great event and also for the big thoughts and questions they woke up in me. This is the kind of events we need more to raise our awareness and make us think about our future.

See you in on 3.12.2016 at the Biohacking Center Helsinki event, where I’ll be presenting my first public speech about Transhumanism.

Biohacking Center presents: Biohacking Weekend with the Light Lounge from London, UK.


The Light lounge is a deep trance light machine used for meditation and journeys beyond. This is the first time in Finland, exclusively at the Biohacking Center.

Reported Benefits include:
*Deep Relaxation
*Sleep Cycle Regulation and More Restful Sleep
*Mental Clarity and Improved Focus
*Increased Creativity Levels
*Reduced Anxiety and Stress
*Reduced Fear and Depression
*Increased Sense of Inner Peace and Emotional Stability
*A Sense of Awe and Inspiration
*Release of Beneficial Hormones Related to Health and Longevity
Saturday, December 3rd
10:00 – Light Lounge, floating, neurofeedback sessions start
12:30 – Short tour of the Biohacking Center with Mikko Kemppe
13:00 – What is Light Lounge with James Richardson + Q&A
13:30 – Mikko Kemppe: Favorite biohacks & holistic biohacking
14:30 – Biohacking coffee’s, teas & snacks served + Q&A
15:00 – Juha Petteri Niemi on transhumanism + Q&A
16:00 – Erkki Palviainen on unconventional healing modalities
17:00 – Mikko Kemppe: Meditation, floating & neurofeedback
20:00 – Last Light Lounge & Floating Sessions

Location: Isonnevantie 16B

Saturday Biohacking Packages:
15€ / Event only (Includes lectures + snacks)
60€ / Event + Light Lounge Session (70€ value)
125€ / VIP Package: Event + Light Lounge + Float + NeuroFeedback (225€ value)











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