Biohacking Weekend with Light Lounge Experience! #transhumanism #competition #biohacker

Biohacking Weekend with Light Lounge Experience! – And of course me with transhumanism!

Helsinki is packed with awesome stuff this week and it’s the centre of new ideas, pitching and creativity 🙂 After a fully packed week of Slush 2016, I welcome you on Saturday 3.12.2016 to the Biohacking Center.

I’ll be presenting my first ever keynote about Transhumanism and there is a full load of other interesting topics during the day.

So join me, to hear out about the morals and ethics of technology and where are we going in the near future.

“Like this post in Facebook/Wordpress and have the chance of a lifetime to win a ticket to this event. Winner will be notified on Friday personally, so happy hunting!”

Biohacking Center presents: Biohacking Weekend with the Light Lounge from London, UK.



The Light lounge is a deep trance light machine used for meditation and journeys beyond (see benefits below). This is the first time in Finland, exclusively at the Biohacking Center.

Saturday, December 3rd
10:00 – Light Lounge, floating, neurofeedback sessions start
12:00 – Jeremy Qvik on consciousness + Q & A
13:00 – What is Light Lounge with James Richardson + Q&A
13:30 – Mikko Kemppe: Favorite biohacks & holistic biohacking
14:30 – Biohacking coffee’s, teas & snacks served + Q&A
15:00 – Juha Petteri Niemi on transhumanism + Q&A
16:00 – Erkki Palviainen on unconventional healing modalities
17:00 – Mikko Kemppe: Meditation, floating & neurofeedback
20:00 – Last Light Lounge & Floating Sessions

Location: Isonnevantie 16B

Saturday Biohacking Packages:
15€ / Event only (Includes lectures + snacks)
60€ / Event + Light Lounge Session (70€ value)
125€ / VIP Package: Event + Light Lounge + Float + NeuroFeedback (225€ value)


Sunday Biohacking Packages:
55€ / Light Lounge Session
115€ / Light Lounge + Floating + NeuroFeedback Sessions (215€ value)


Saturday event is limited to max. 40 attendant.
Only 10 Light Lounge sessions available total.
Only 10 VIP packages available total

Reported Benefits of Light Lounge include:
*Deep Relaxation
*Sleep Cycle Regulation and More Restful Sleep
*Mental Clarity and Improved Focus
*Increased Creativity Levels
*Reduced Anxiety and Stress
*Reduced Fear and Depression
*Increased Sense of Inner Peace and Emotional Stability
*A Sense of Awe and Inspiration
*Release of Beneficial Hormones Related to Health and Longevity

Snacks, coffees, and chocolates provided by:
Four Sigmatic
Warrior Coffee

More about Light Lounge:

More about Biohacking Center:

Watch a video on Light Lounge:

Watch a video on Floating & Sensory deprivation tank:

Discussion on Transhumanism with Juha-Petteri Niemi:

Follow our founder’s day at the Biohacking Center:

“At a recent 9-day consciousness exploration retreat in France, the PandoraStar team synchronised a scientifically researched music track withJean Du Bois’s LSD program…the result was a spontaneous eruption of joy and clapping at the end of the program from the 40 strong retreat participants…..” – Todd Acamesis, PS CEO, UK.
“The words are not enough to explain the profound out of this world healing experience I had today. A highest joyful high without the drugs! I feel in awe, in flow and total bliss! Thank you guys”
– Egle Joel, London, UK
“Wow, after the first week experienced with the Pandora Star, we are so impressed. So many opportunities”
– Rene Onstenk, Arnhem, Netherlands
“What can I say?!!! WOW WOW WOW is RIGHT! I think this program is capable of dissolving pineal blockage… whole being was flooded with new sensations that felt like they’d been dormant a longggg time. A wellspring of emotion plunged me into the wildest ride yet. I experienced blossoms of color pouring down all around my field of vision, opening up into sheer joy! Sheets of color, sound, emotions, hurtling me beyond time and place. Holy Light Sequence Batman!!! I want more!!! How do we top this?”
– Billie Lim, New York, USA
“My Friend and I experienced LSD-AZUR with the track recommended today. Words cannot express the sense of pure bliss. I have never in my life felt this way before… tears, laughter, clarity and joy. Thank You!… PandoraStar has already brought so much clarity and community to us here in S. Florida! Looking forward to what the future holds…. ”
– Claudia V Rawkstar, Florida
“That was f***king amazing”, and “it moved me to tears”, were two of the most memorable comments from yesterday’s PandoraStar Exploration & Discovery Day in London, where we showcased our newest psychedelic program – ‘LSD Azure’…a 15-minute, fast-moving, kaleidoscopic, and indescribably complex program with overlapping webs of expanding and collapsing geometric patterns that surround you in a fashion similar to a dream. LSD Azure is the type of program that gives you a sense of “breaking through” to another reality. With 180 PandoraStar machines sold worldwide, my team and I will make sure – wherever you are in the world that you’ll have an opportunity to experience this powerful state altering, mind expanding technology for yourself, really soon! ”
– Todd Acamesis, CEO, UK
“TIBET; Deep deep deep… (lol) meditative program that combines two frequencies. The lowest Epsilon with the highest Lambda. Specifically 0.2hz with 200hz. The two frequencies are proposed in studies to piggy back on each other almost like each being the gateway to the other in a cyclic fashion. Deep meditators have had both frequencies present at once when measured. I’ve adjusted intensities and duties to create a comfortable blend. The first time I used this program I got major vibrations about 10 minutes in and thought the sofa was being shaken by my roommate as a joke. In hindsight of course I recognise that it was the first stages of going out of body.
Do some deep controlled breathing during it and you’ll probably go somewhere else, lol.”
Lance Carter, London, UK
“I tried the “ultra deep sleep” (paraphrasing) program, and holy cow did I sleep hard…”
– Jason Kish, USA
“After having my light machine for one year, I can honestly say it’s more than what I thought it was going to be. My whole life has changed since having it. I have met wonderful awesome people all over the world, especially in Oklahoma because of it. I’m very fortunate and honored to have this magnanimous machine in my life. This weekend I officially start writing my book. The title is, Cognitive Light Therapy and Counselling, Clinical Observations, Theories and Dynamics of LED Therapy. Thank you Todd Acamesis and Jimi Simpson for paving the future”.
Jer Orozco, USA.



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