Biohacking Weekend – Transhumans, light lounge and much more #transhumanism #biohacker #experience

Biohacking Weekend

Whoooh, what a week! Slush Music, Slush, Slush Afterparty, company Christmas party and then the grande final, in the form of Biohacking Weekend. Last Saturday was an historical day for me, as I did my first public appearance about Transhumanism in the Biohacking weekend.

I’ll give you a short update what topics we discussed and what cool new stuff I got to try out. There will be a more in deep analysis of all of the topics, as this was an introduction to the topic.


How I found Transhumanism

  • It started with science fiction when I was a kid and having an open mind from early on has it’s advantages.
  • Music production – I stumbled upon the concept of transhumanism when I was doing research for a music project. I wanted to find a next level for lyrics and transhumanism resonated. I fell in love with the moral and ethical side of it and how the questions were ground breaking. These songs were never released, but perhaps now is a good time to dig them out.
  • Fourth Way –> More about that below
  • Zoltan Istvan –> This was my final piece of the puzzle when I saw Zoltan Istvan talking about transhumanism earlier this year.

Fourth way

Fourth way was a revelation for me, when I found this book. I’ve started this book 5 times and never have been able to finish it. Nevertheless I have been able to understand a couple of key points from this book.

  • We humans being automations, almost robotic with our bodies. Think about your breathing, as that is a clear indication of an automated process that runs in you. Take control of your breathing and become aware of yourself to break to automation.
  • Fourth way is the way to elevate our consciousness in the amidst of our normal life. Life of the yogi, munk and fakir all require that you separate yourself from the society. Fourth way creates the circumstances, that you can do the work along your normal life. Because we are apart of society and live most of our lives among other people –> the fourth way guides you to elevate your consciousness without the need of leaving the society. This fits very nicely for the modern human.


Key questions:

  • What does it means if we can immortal?
  • What are the different possibilities of how we can become immortal?
  • Can we upload our personality and live on virtually?
  • Does human consciousness need touch to be considered human?
  • Can we transfer our thoughts, memories, who we are to a surrogate body?
  • What does this mean for the belief systems if we create a way to become immortal?


Key questions:

  • How augmentations can divide our society and create inequality when we have augmented- and non-augmented people?
  • Are augmentations the next plastic surgery where healthy people will replace their body parts?
  • How much can you replace from your body to be still considered a human being?


Key questions:

  • Uploading your memories, dreams to a server?
  • Boosting your brain power with implants?
  • Learning something new in an instant?
  • Identity in NFC/RFID chips?
  • Hacking your identity?
  • Who owns the data you provide from these implants?

new society

  • How can we use technology to solve all the worlds problems and create a new society where everything is automated?
  • Why do we need to work?
  • Can Finland be the first place without jobs? Can the world be without jobs and create something else in return?
  • Can there be a common goal for humanity?

Mikko Kemppe

Biohacker weekend featured a lot of insight on how to open up your mental & physical world. Head of the Biohacking Center Mikko Kemppe gave a very inspirational speech about his life and what are his methods for Biohacking. Especially I appreciated the way where Mikko defined, that to be able to develop yourself, you need to first open up your mind . Without an open and curious mind, one is bound to repeat the learned patterns.

I’ll feature an interview about Mikko later on in my blog. We’ll talk about biohacking and what is his secret mission we all have heard about.

Light lounge

During the weekend there was a cool new biohacker tech that I got to try out. Light Lounge was the company that brought in the hardware and I had small chat with the representative about it. I couldn’t find the guys from the internet to link them here, but perhaps I’ll get the details later on. Mikko did a good interview about what Light Lounge is so check it out

Mikkos own experience

My experience – Light lounge

Light Lounge enables you to experience meditative to psychedelic states by shooting different frequency lights. You lay down, you get a pair of noise cancelling headphones and close your eyes. Right after the first program started and I had closed my eyes –> Light Lounge started blasting me with light. It was a scary sensation at first, when my brains started to form fractal patterns in front of my closed eyes. It felt too unreal that my brains could visualise something, that I couldn’t really see. This sensation of being scared disappeared after one minute and I was overwhelmed by a very different feeling. I felt that I was in very safe place, filled with goodness and to my amazement –> tears started flowing down from my eyes. Even though the video below is humoristic, but it does illustrate in someway the journey I went through in the Light Lounge. I could see fractals, going through space and time where my conciseness expanded.

After effect

I woke up on monday at 5.00 with full of energy and my brain operating at very high capacity. I did more tasks in the morning, compared to the whole last week and waking up this early is not normal for me. Light Lounge also gives you opportunities, to try out different brain waves and how to tune in to them. I’m guessing the psychedelic program tuned my brains to Alpha waves, which would explain my hyperactivity. This experiment was a great example of how close biohacking and transhumanism are. Through technology we can elevate the level of our consciousness.