Statistics say that someone reading this title will also read the post! #statistics #2017getready


2016 was a crazy year with all kind of cool & epic stuff happening for me. I changed jobs, started blogging, got engaged, released great music, visited many countries, got serious about transhumanism and performed a couple of epic keynotes.

It has been silent for a while here in my blog, but of course there is a great reason for that. One part of this silence has been of course to take some time off and to reflect what happened last year and also I’ve been preparing the website for mFabrik Music.

So stay tuned for some very epic music related news, as this year mFabrik Music will start rolling out good stuff.

year of da origami- Music



2016 stats for


52 posts

801 visitors from 41 different countries



Top 3 – visitor countries


2.United states


What interested people – top posts
  1. Me losing virginity
  2. Customer project 
  3. Having lunch with Jesus

Big thanks to everyone who has been reading, commenting etc with me during last year —> It’s time kickoff 2017 and let’s make it even better then last year!


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