What’s up and AWE 2017!! #awe2017 #keynote #musicproduction

If a blogger is not writing to his blog, is he still there??

Damn right I’m still here and I would say that my focus has been in doing lately, instead of writing. A full pack of awesomeness has happened and will happen in the upcoming weeks.

So a quick recap is in place right??

mFabrik Music

New website for mFabrik Music has been launched and you can go and snoop around them from this address:


I’ve been pushing music for 3 different artists during this spring and two of them have been officially launched. We’ve signed two artists for mFabrik Music who are very different from each other.

The Seasons And Daughters

Crossing the streams of electro and folk music. The Seasons and Daughters (TSAD) has been around from 2006, but are now on the move with their slick stylish and sassy songs.

First single has been released to iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and many more for you to enjoy.



YouTube Video Preview


https://www.instagram.com/p/BTl_SrSgIpH/embed/captioned/?cr=1&v=7#%7B%22ci%22%3A0%2C%22os%22%3A1153.165%7DWhat do you get when you combine a Finnish meme artist and rap music? We’ll it’s RankkaMeemiGäng. This man has no filters and pushes the boundaries in many fronts. He is one of the most famous meme artists in Finland and he is conquering the music business. Check out RankkaMeemiGängs first single called Dänkkii Meemii from Spotify.


Mystery artist still coming up

We are one artist away of all our big news for this spring. I’ll let you know more on this huge signing that will be released later on this month 🙂


In other news – Speaking at AWE in Santa Clara

AWEUSA2017-SpeakerSocialCard-Juha Petteri Niemi

This is something I’m super excited about.. You remember my journey last year to AWE in Santa Clara? Well this year I’m speaking at the conference about AR/VR + music business. How freaking cool is that???

“How does virtual and augmented reality fit in to music business? Is the future of music business in vr/ar powered immersive stories? We all know that music moves us in many different ways and it can make us relate to situations through lyrics, emotions, melodies. What if you boost those qualities with visual perception and make the experience 10x bigger. Ranging from free roam music videos to roller coaster style experiences, where you immerse yourself into the world of the artist. With VR/AR you can enable your fans to listen to the song over and over by making the experience feel always a bit different. How about concerts? Who will be the first to play a VR gig in Mars where 10000 avatars join into listen to the band playing in a studio with full mocap gear on? What needs to change in music business to welcome AR/VR to this domain? Sharing the best practise and discussion we have had with the Finnish copyright agency Teosto and what is their opinion about VR and music business? All of this and more about the future of music business with VR/AR.”

So be sure the check out my awesome presentation in Santa Clara on June 2nd 10.15-10.30am 

I guess this is enough for you to know I’m alive and kicking 🙂